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7 Reasons why you need an interior designer

1. Many people think that hiring an Interior Designer is only for those on superstar budgets.
In fact it is cost effective to use a Designer for most projects be it one room or a whole house. Don’t be shy , ask for a quote.

2. An Interior Designer does much more than plump up cushions and bring you fabric samples.
They should be able to work with you to create an overall vision of how you want your home to look down to every last surface, finish and door knob.

3. Do your research before agreeing to work with someone. Look at their website. Meet to discuss your project , you will be able to tell if you are both on the same wavelength.
This is not a business relationship, your home is personal space and needs to work for you.
Choose an Interior Designer that you not only get on with and respect, you must also be comfortable discussing the details of your everyday life.

4. A good interiors specialist can help you navigate through trends and looks creating the right one for you.
Dark wooden floors for example can look wonderful but need to be balanced with softer tones.
Acoustics must also be considered to avoid echos and distorting sound quality.

5. Choose a designer that can source all sorts of original items from the Uk and Europe.
They should be able to have access to materials and finishes that you would not normally have access to. Also advice on durability, safety and aesthetics should be available to you.

6. One of the biggest advantages of working with a professional is their ability to co ordinate tradespeople . They will know at which stage to bring in different trades to be cost and time effective.

7. Calling in help means that you can leave time consuming logistics to them.
From finding a place for everything to making sure large items fit through the front door and up the stairs!

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