How to update your bedroom in a weekend

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. A cosy haven to retreat to and relax in these challenging times. If yours is feeling more blah than bliss, set aside a weekend to utterly transform this space with a few simple tweaks. Pillow Talk Too many cushions…No! Cushions and throws are the interior design equivalent of accessories, they […]

How to avoid dead front room syndrome

What happens to your living room if your new extension has a sofa in it? Ten top tips on how to avoid a redundant room: 1. Don’t waste valuable space. 2. Give this room as much thought as you gave the new extension. 3. Older houses have a front and back room, 2 primary living […]

midsummer table

A Midsummer Table

A warm evening, best friends and delicious food. The three key ingredients for the perfect Summer supper party. For special occasions go the extra mile, incorporating elements that will make things feel genuinely special. Touches that make the atmosphere celebratory from the moment your first guests arrive. A fabulous display of flowers is enchanting and […]


Fantastic garden ideas for warm summer evenings

Warm summer’s evenings, friends and delicious food. The 3 key ingredients for the perfect summer supper party. Make it a special occasion, go the extra mile. Incorporate elements that will make the occasion feel genuinely special. Make the atmosphere celebratory from the moment the first guests arrive. Flowers A fabulous display of flowers make a […]

Garden Design – 8 ways to make the most of your garden

It is no secret (and research proves) that spending time outside boosts our mental health. There is nothing more calming and peaceful than unwinding in a private outdoor natural space after a hard day at work. This guide details 8 ways to make the most of your garden and help create a comfortable zone for […]


Is Your Home Due a Spring Clean?

Is your home due a spring clean? It’s time to decide what stays and what goes. Letting go of excess “stuff” will help you feel more in control and less anxious. This will improve your mental well being and that of your family. 1. Hallway & Stairs Keep it clear! This area is the first […]


3 Top Tips to Make Your Christmas Table Sophisticated

One of the most important elements of Christmas interiors is the dining table. Whether yours is set in its own room or within the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, here are some ideas for the tabletop and surrounding area: 1. Light Candles are the staple of your Christmas table setting. Mix different sizes – […]

3 Ways To Bring The Outside In This Christmas

We all want our homes to look magical at Christmas, from our front door and hallway all the way to our heavy-laden Christmas table. Bring your home to life this Christmas by adding a green touch to your festive display. 1. Flowers bring rooms to life all year long – not only though their visual […]

concept designs-interior solutions white christmas tree

Choosing Your Perfect Christmas Tree

With only 5 weeks left to go until Christmas, there’s no need to get your tinsel in a tangle over the festive decorations for your Christmas tree this year. Instead take a look at our advice and inspiration from our home interior experts. Top 3 Tips 1. Always put the lights on first – it […]