Fantastic garden ideas for warm summer evenings

Warm summer’s evenings, friends and delicious food. The 3 key ingredients for the perfect summer supper party. Make it a special occasion, go the extra mile. Incorporate elements that will make the occasion feel genuinely special. Make the atmosphere celebratory from the moment the first guests arrive.


A fabulous display of flowers make a great first impression, not to mention a conversation piece. Go grand! Use a super tall glass vase with extra long stems or a chunky urn type vase with lots of lovely roses. Don’t be afraid to use good fakes.

The Table

Now that you have set the tone carry this on to the table settings. Use a linen tablecloth tonal in shade to the flowers or fold it over a few times to create a runner. Use coloured casual tumblers for soft drinks and coloured glasses with stems for wine. Match napkins to the colour of the flowers to complete the look.

Flower Ice Cubes

Don’t stop with the table! Flowers are the theme extend them into more creative elements such as ice cubes. Miniature roses, pansies and daisies are all suitable. Put them into your ice cube tray with water and freeze as usual. Alternatively, scatter plucked petals along the length of the table.

flower ice cubes summer's evenings


It feels right to leave a timber table partially uncovered for a Summer Supper. It conjures up images of harvests and fruit picking. Place “fun sized” apples and pears down the length of the table. Tie them with straw and tie straw to the backs of chairs.


Summer’s last rays of sunshine will linger way into the evening. Clear skies and twilight on a balmy evening are very special. Have plenty of candles to hand including citronella to ward off bugs. Place on the table, surfaces near it. Fill the surrounding area with candles in tall holders and lanterns. Their fluttering glow will complete the atmosphere.

The Garden Picnic

You don’t have to eat at the table! Having a picnic in your garden or nearby field can be great Summer fun. Make delicious food the pack into a picnic basket with real plates, glasses and solid cutlery. Protect by wrapping in cloth napkins. Wrap sandwiches in parchment paper and tie with straw or string. Write on the paper what they are and it will be like receiving a present when handed out! Don’t forget to take a couple of picnic rugs and some plump cushions for extra comfort.

A picnic can feel like a mini holiday. Sit back and relax!

Gillian x

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