Is Your Home Due a Spring Clean?

Is your home due a spring clean? It’s time to decide what stays and what goes.

Letting go of excess “stuff” will help you feel more in control and less anxious. This will improve your mental well being and that of your family.

1. Hallway & Stairs

Keep it clear! This area is the first impression of you home no one wants to walk into a mess.
Keep shoes and coats in a under stairs cupboard. If this is not possible invest in a bench with storage for shoes and hang coats in a wardrobe. Hallways are the arteries of your home. If they are blocked the flow of energy is affected.

2. Sitting Room

With the present preference for open plan it can be hard to keep clutter out of sight. Use storage solution furniture. Antique chests make wonderful coffee tables and can house children’s toys after bedtime. Storage cubes are great for extra seating as well as keeping paperwork out of sight. Baskets can also look pleasing to the eye and house many items of different shapes and sizes.


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3. Kitchen

The kitchen can become a dumping ground paper,post and sports bags. Keep clutter that can not be hidden to one area. Well used items such as oils and herbs can be decorative but keep to one side of the work surface. Having some areas totally clear is more aesthetically pleasing and gives more space to work.

4. The Home Office

Quick clear up tips… Tidy the desk and floor. Keep the desk as clear as possible. A clean and clear work space will clear the head and nourish the soul. Maximise shelving and title folders and files. Write a to do list and highlight priority items. Back up your computer!

5. Bedrooms

A chair in the bedroom can be inviting but it can also become a clutter magnet. It does not look so good covered in clothes! The bedroom should not be a dumping ground, take a minute to put clothes away. Keep work items out of the bedroom and limit electrical items. This will give you a more relaxing stress free environment to end a busy day.


To purchase this antique chest, please contact Gillian Forster: 07870 406613

6. The Bathroom

It is important to achieve as much storage space as possible in the bathroom. Many basins come on cupboard or drawer units great for hiding all those bottles. A family will also benefit from a wall mirror cupboard. Again it is a place that will benefit from baskets… idea for keeping children’s toys and toilet rolls neat and tidy.


To purchase this storage cube, please contact Gillian Forster: 07870 406613

Other Tips…

Look at the furniture in every room. Do you need it all? Is it all “doing a job”? Can any items be replaced with more use full pieces?

When organising shelves and other surfaces… Take every thing off, look at every piece with a fresh eye. Do you need it or want to look at it? If unsure donate to charity.

Is your home due a spring clean? An uncluttered home will create an uncluttered mind!

To purchase any items for in this article, please contact Gillian Forster on 07870 406613.

Gillian x

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