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3 Ways To Bring The Outside In This Christmas

We all want our homes to look magical at Christmas, from our front door and hallway all the way to our heavy-laden Christmas table. Bring your home to life this Christmas by adding a green touch to your festive display.

1. Flowers bring rooms to life all year long – not only though their visual beauty but also through their scent. Decorate your home with the traditional Christmas flowers – poinsettia.
Place in old urns from antique markets or bunch 3 together in a large pot and position on the floor in your hallway for an instant Christmas hit every time you walk through the door.

2. Pick fresh greenery from woodlands and hedgerows – it is a great festive activity that children will enjoy and will add an authentic touch to your home.
You can use some of the foliage to create unique decorations. Add the foliage to a cluster of baubles and hang on the back of chairs or door knobs.

3. A mantle draped with a long trail of ivy is quite breathtaking. Intertwining around a staircase’s spindles also creates a dramatic effect. Add more volume and texture by blending real and faux ivy together.

Finish by weaving strands of fairy lights through the ivy so that their twinkling bulbs are visible between the leaves. If you have time, velvet bows add an interesting twist.

And remember… decorations are there to make us smile – so play with them and think outside the box. Do something that your parents would never have dreamed of!

Gillian x